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Chicken Pox & COVID!

We have been informed that several children who attend our School/nursery have been diagnosed with suspected chicken pox.


Chickenpox is usually a mild illness and children usually get better by themselves. Children with chickenpox should stay off school for at least five days from onset of rash and until all the lesions have crusted over.


Children who have had chickenpox recently may develop complications if they also catch scarlet fever. Parents should remain vigilant for symptoms in children who have had chickenpox such as:

  • a persistent high fever
  • the skin around chickenpox blisters becoming red, hot or painful (signs of infection)
  • joint pain and swelling
  • your child’s symptoms not improving or getting worse.


If you are concerned about the symptoms above, please seek medical assistance promptly. 


If your child has an underlying condition which affects their immune system, you should contact your GP or hospital doctor to discuss whether any additional measures are needed.


Some children and adults are at higher risk of serious problems if they catch chickenpox/measles.

They include:

· pregnant women

· newborn babies

· people with a weakened immune system


These people should seek medical advice as soon as they are exposed to chickenpox or if they develop chickenpox symptoms. They may need a blood test to check if they are protected from (immune) chickenpox.


Further information on both infections can be found at:

Chicken pox:  

Scarlet fever:


In addition, we have also had an increase in the number of COVID cases across school. COVID has not gone away, if your child does have any of the main symptoms then please can we request you get a test just to help us to stop the spread.