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Welcome to Nursery!

The Teachers in Nursery are:

Miss Clarke (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday),

Mrs Wooldridge (Thursday and Friday),

Mrs Bibi and

Mrs Rashid


Look out for a letter/ text inviting you top Stay and Play - please come along!


Our topics for the Spring Term are Space and Growing Things. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Over this term the children will be developing their confidence and relationships with others. We will be exploring feelings of ourselves and others and how we can impact upon other people’s feelings.

The children will take part in circle games, turn taking games and be encouraged to share resources and turn take with others.

Having been here a term, the children are now happy and settled in their environment; they will be developing confidence and creativeness to plan and navigate their play more independently.

The children will continually be encouraged to take pride in their environment through developing tidying up skills and showing respect for resources in the environment.


Physical Development:

This term the children’s health and self-care will be developed. We aim for the children to be as independent as possible. We will be encouraging the children to fasten their coast independently.

Later on this term, we will start PE sessions on a Friday, to develop control over the larger movements we make. We ask that you send your child to Nursery wearing their PE kit. They could wear: joggers, t-shirt, jumper and trainers/ pumps. We ask that you do not send your child to Nursery wearing jewellery.

We will continually be developing the children’s fine motor control through activities to help strengthen their muscles for writing.


Communication and Language:

This term we will be learning a range of stories including, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. The children will have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and speech skills through story.

We will continually develop your children’s speech and language through providing a good model of language with high expectations, you can support this at home through encouraging your child to talk using full sentences. For example, when your child says, ‘Drink’. You could reply, using a good model of language, ‘Please can I have a drink?’.



The children take part in daily Phonics sessions to build up the skills necessary for hearing, saying and writing the sounds in words.

 This term we will be learning a range of stories including, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. The children will have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and awareness of story structure. We will be encouraging your children to repeat, recall and retell parts of the story. We will be providing opportunities for them to draw/ write about their favourite part and characters from the story. 



During our adult led sessions we will be learning all about shapes. We will be exploring what shapes look like in our environment. We will be using shapes to build models and create patters. We will be using Mathematical language to name and talk about the shapes that we see in our environments. 

There will be daily opportunities for the children to master and consolidate their learning all about number 0-5. We will be continually encouraging the children to represent numbers 0-5 in a range of ways and using numbers in their play.


Understanding the World:

The children will be encouraged to talk about the world around us and how it changes through the seasons.

The children will have opportunities to access lots of different types of technology in Nursery including the iPads and computers.

Through the story, ‘Whatever Next’ we will be exploring Space and the Solar system.

Through the story, ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ we will be exploring how things grow and change over time and how we can care for living things.


 Expressive Arts and Design:

This term we will be learning a range of stories including, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. The children will have the opportunity to develop their imaginative and creative play through the story based role play area.

The children will continue to have access to a wide range of materials and media to support their creative development. We will be focusing on colour mixing and creating props for role play.


Please note Nursery Times:
Morning Nursery:


Afternoon Nursery:


Please be on time and ensure your child attends

every day.


Please send your child with a spare change of clothes, in case of little accidents!


A polite reminder to ask parents to refrain from bringing their child to Nursery in a pushchair.

We expect to see your child walking into and out of Nursery, this is to develop their independence and gross motor control.

Thank you to those parents who have toilet trained their child ready for Nursery.

Please ensure you are working with Nursery staff to toilet train your child.

You can seek advice from your child's Health Visitor or the school’s Family Support Workers, Miss Bedford and Mrs Roberts.


Important dates this term:

Foodbank, non uniform day – 17th January 2020

Chinese New Year– 25th January 2020

Film Night– 12th February 2020

Learning Together Day– 14th February 2020

Stay and Play—Look out for your invitation

Trips and Visits:

Robin Hood Production– 23rd January 2020

Our P.E days are:

Friday—Please send your child to Nursery wearing sports wear and trainers. Please remove any jewellery prior to coming to Nursery.

You can help at home by:

reading with your child daily, completing any homework that is set on a Friday, encouraging your child to talk about the marks they make, recognise and write their name, encouraging them to fasten their own coat and dressing themselves for Nursery.




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