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Welcome to Nursery!

The Teachers in Nursery are:

Miss Clarke (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday),

Mrs Wooldridge (Thursday and Friday),

Mrs Bibi,

Mrs Rashid and

Mrs Osuch


Stay and Play will take place every half term, look out for a letter/ text inviting you - please come along!


Our topics for the Summer are: Growing, Transition and People Who Help Us. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

During this term we are focusing on settling the April intake children into their new setting and routine. We will be supporting them to gain independence and confidence at Nursery. Through a range of activities we will be encouraging them to build relationships with the other children and teachers.

For our older Nursery children we are beginning transitional activities to prepare the children for Reception. Every Friday, the children will be spending some time with the Reception teachers and exploring the Reception classrooms.

Physical Development:

This term is all about preparing your child for Reception—please practice fastening coats and shoes with your child at home so they can be independent at school!

We are really encouraging the children to hold and use pencils and other writing equipment to write the letters of the alphabet. We will be continuing with name writing at the beginning of every session.

Communication and Language:

We will be developing the children’s ability to follow simple instructions to improve their co-operation and independence.

Children will have opportunities to play visual memory games, listen to and identify environmental sounds and become familiar with their phonic sounds.

We will continue to encourage children to speak in full sentences.

We use an intervention called, 'Wellcomm' to support the children's understanding.


This term we are focusing on the text, ‘The Enormous Turnip'. The children will be learning to retell the story and talk about key parts.

We are really encouraging the children to recognise and write their names.

We are encouraging the children to play with and use sounds as part of Phase 1 Phonics. When the children are ready we will begin to share the letter sounds of Phase 2 Phonics.

Please ensure you are sharing stories with your children; you could encourage them to spot the letter sounds they know and talk about the pictures!


We will be exploring size; we are learning words to describe the size of objects! And comparing the size of 2/3 objects.

During our daily group time, the children are learning to count, write and recognise numbers—please encourage this at home!

Understanding the World:

We have our trip to Hatton Adventure World

AM Nursery 04/07/19

PM Nursery 28/06/19

Please note that there will be no Nursery for

afternoon children on 04/07/19 and there will be no Nursery for the morning children on 28-06-19.

Please ensure you sign the consent form and return it to Nursery as soon as possible!

If your child started Nursery in January or September 2018 then you need to ensure you have paid the full £13 to cover the cost of the two trips your child is entitled to, as part of our ‘Two for £13’.

If your child started Nursery in January or April 2019, then you need to pay just £6 as your child is only attending one trip this year.


We are exploring people who help us and the jobs of different people. The children have shown a great interest in the Emergency services.

 Expressive Arts and Design:

This term the children will be exploring a range of different media and materials to create art work; we will be discussing using colours for a purpose and combining

different materials to create a new textures.

Please note Nursery Times:
Morning Nursery:


Afternoon Nursery:


Please be on time and ensure your child attends

every day.


Please send your child with a spare change of clothes, in case of little accidents!


A polite reminder to ask parents to refrain from bringing their child to Nursery in a pushchair.

We expect to see your child walking into and out of Nursery, this is to develop their independence and gross motor control.

Thank you to those parents who have toilet trained their child ready for Nursery.

Please ensure you are working with Nursery staff to toilet train your child.

You can seek advice from your child's Health Visitor or the school’s Family Support Workers, Miss Bedford and Mrs Roberts.


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