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Welcome to Nursery!

The Teachers in Nursery are:

Miss Clarke (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday),

Mrs Wooldridge (Thursday and Friday),

Mrs Bibi and

Mrs Rashid


Home learning during the school closures. We hope you find the following information useful! Stay safe and have fun learning together, at home!


Please restrict the amount of screen time. Make time to play with your child, have a conversation, share a story and sing a song.


Miss Clarke's Activity of the week!


Make beautiful Spring time flowers using egg boxes. The link below will help guide you through the activity! 


Miss Clarke's Book of the week!


Share the story of, 'The Ugly Duckling' by following the link below.


Ask your children to talk about the story. Ask them questions about what happened in the story. Encourage them to draw a picture about the story. Ask them to hear, say and write sounds in words. Encourage them to write their name on their work.  


Please follow the links below for some lovely activities you could try at home! 


Research project - use books and the internet to learn about animals and their young. Learn about the names of baby animals and how they are different to the parent. 


Make play dough with your child.


Do Dough Disco daily to keep your fingers and hands strong ready for writing.


Bake some delicious treats! Get the children involved in measuring quantities and making choices! 


Enjoy Phonics!

Free to all during this time:

Username - march20

Password - home


Enjoy Maths! 










Remember to keep doing some physical activity at home

Links - please click to open