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Nursery's First Forest School Session

 It's the end of Monday, November 11th, and all of the nursery groups have been down to our now foresty patch.  All of the children have enjoyed exploring a new environment and each group has had different activities which they have enjoyed.  We have all played with and made some sticky, squishy mud and made our own special necklace to show that we are guardians of the forest.  This is a list of some of the things we have done in our first forest school sessions:

sung a forest school song 
Played 1,2,3, where are you? 
Splashed in puddles
Stomped and roared like dinosaurs
Crept on tip toes
Made mud
Used a tap
Mixed and stired our muddy creations
Made mud faces
Balanced on logs
Shared our favourite songs
Described different textures and sizes
Gone over, under and through.
Crawled through a tunnel
Climbed over branches
Coloured and drawn on our wood slices
Printed patterns onto mud
Listened to the rain
Made mud pies, pizzas, tea, chocolate and much more
Made disgusting deserts
Found pine cones
Found Conkers
Found Beech masts
Talked-a lot!
Listened-really well!
Got dirty- and got a sticker for it!
Looked after each other
Had fun!

It has been a fantastic start to our forest school sessions and the children have all really enjoyed it.  THere will be more foresty fun next week for green and blue groups (the week after for yellow).

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