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Our Forest School Ethos

It’s the Process not the Product that brings about the biggest changes.

Underpinning everything that we do in Forest School is the realisation that it is the process that learners journey through, rather than the products that they make, which can have a profound and lasting impact on them.   The journey that each Forest Schooler goes on is unique; the skills that they gain along the way are skills that will be useful for them throughout their lives.  As reflective practitioners, we will endeavour to provide opportunities for each individual to develop, grow, explore and take chances whilst keeping them safe, and following their interests and ideas using a holistic approach.


 Whilst we will teach various tool skills and fire lighting it is the behaviours and attitudes that are developed through the learning process which we believe are most important.  We would hope that through forest school each learner will become a RICHER person (Reflective and Responsible, Independent, Confident and Creative, Happy, Emotionally-aware, Resourceful and Resilient).  Within our forest school we will endeavour to provide each member with the BASICs (a sense of Belonging, a chance to Achieve, opportunities to recognize their Success, time to be Independent and Inquisitive, a supportive Community and personal Challenge.  Perhaps, most important, of all we aim to make every session fun and memorable.