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Sports and Competitions

Here at Cape Primary, we take part in lots of sporting competitions! 


Keep looking back to see how great we are at sport and how well we have done at competitions! 




Key Dates


Kwik Cricket (Year 3)- 1st December 

Football (Year 2)- 8th December 

Swimming (Year 4, 5 and 6)- 5th January 

Athletics (Year 5)- 8th February

Gymnastics ( Years 1 and 2)- 16th February 

Tri Golf (Year 4)- 2nd March 

Tag Rugby (Year 5 and 6)- 16th March 

Netball (Year 5 and 6)- 4th April

Cricket (Year 5 and 6)- 18th May

(Girls only) Cricket (Year 5 and 6)- 8th June

Rounders (Year 5 and 6)- 20th June

Football (Year 1)- 29th June

Athletics (Year 6)- 6th July 


Please note- not all competitions will be attended- this may be due to other school events/key dates.