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Advice for Parents

There is so much information out there to help parents to keep children safe online. Here are just a few links to websites and information that can help you:


8 Top Tips for keeping your child safe online:

  • Enjoy going online together

  • Establish clear boundaries

  • Supervise your child's use

  • Consider the quality and quantity of online activities

  • Make use of parental tools

  • Start the conversation early

  • Choose age appropriate apps and games 

  • Know where to report


Childnet International has advice on key topics

Click on the link to read about lots of key topics

Supporting children with special educational needs online

Keeping under fives safe online


NSPCC links - click on the link for specific information about:

Key topic links

Setting parental controls

Internet connected devices

Online games

Video and live streaming

Talking to your child about online safety



If you are concerned about your child online

How to report an incident

Advice for parents,67,68,69,70,72&ref=4765#mMain

Helping young children

Supporting 8-10 year olds

Gaming - what should parents know



Internetmatters has a range of helpful information for parents with children of different ages click on the links for the relevant age groups:




Setting parental controls - help and support for setting parental controls for specific devices or broadband providers

A guide to buying technology for your child

Online safety issues