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P.E & Sports

'More Active, More of the Time'

The aim of Physical Education and Sport at Cape Primary School is to enable you to become more active through a curriculum that develop your skills throughout your time at school. Teachers want you to develop, not only fundamental skills linked to different sports and activities, but also life skills that you can use in the future and encourage, build and maintain healthy life styles. It is important that you develop an enjoyment in Physical Education and an understanding of why being more physically active will help you in your everyday lives. PE and Sport provides experiences that allow you to develop your competence, resilience and maturity in working alone, with a partner and within a team. Teachers are dedicated to educate both you and your families to develop a greater understanding on how to live healthy lifestyles and develop healthy minds.

After School Club and Live PE Lessons

Get involved in some live active lessons by clicking the below. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday you can join in with a live lesson.

 Do you want to be a Superhero???

Then open up the document below and complete the Wonder Woman Quests. How many Quests can you complete? 

Famous Athletes- could you be the next Lionel Messi or Mo Farah?

Home Learning

While you are all working so hard at home completing your English and Maths learning, it is really important to make sure you are still keeping as active as possible. 

Below are some fun activities for you to complete at home. You can even get your families to join in too. ENJOY!  

WBA Challenges

Check out the YouTube channel below to see if you can complete some of the challenges set by the West Bromwich Albion Team. There are some challenges for you to complete. 

More Challenges
Below are some links to some online exercise classes and activities. Great for all of the family.


Children in Years 3-6 were due to do cricket this half term. Click the links below and challenge yourself to complete the All Stars Cricket Garden Games. There is also an activity booklet for you to complete.


All year groups were due to focus on Dance in their PE lessons. 

See the activities and links below to help you with your dance skills. 

Active Maths

Swimming and Water Safety

Being able to swim is an important life skill that you must have as well as knowing how to stay safe in and around water. 

Here are some activities, information and links for you to look at. 

Swim Safe: Cold Water Shock - if you fall in float, breath and relax

Learn about cold water shock, how this affects your body and what to do if you find yourself in cold water by accident. Challenge! Practice your star floats ...

Always swim in a safe place - Beach flags with Gareth

It's really important to always swim in a safe place at the beach, learn the Beach flags with Gareth from the Swim Safe team. Challenge: Today's challenge i...

Swim Safe: A fun game to help you remember the beach flags

Learn what all of the flags mean at the beach with this fun game. If you don't have flags, draw some on card or paper first. Great activity for a run around ...

Always swim with an adult - Rip tag game

When you go swimming it is important to always stay within arms reach of an adult. Play rip tag to practice how close you need to be and experience how easy...

Outdoor water safety signs

Know your outdoor water safety signs so you can be safe around lakes, rivers, reservoirs and the sea.

How to recognise a lifeguard at the beach

Learn how to recognise a lifeguard so that you can stay safe at the beach and know who can help if you or anyone else gets in to difficulty in the water.Chal...