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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Staff working in Year 2:

2A- Miss Chigara and Miss Devi

2B- Miss Mawdsley and Mrs Kharod

2C- Mrs Cleal and Mrs Harwood




Our P.E days are:

2A- Wednesday and Thursday

2B- Monday and Friday

2C- Tuesday and Thursday (Swimming)


You need to have your PE kit in school. You will need: 

- a house t-shirt (speak to your teacher if you need to know what colour you need)

- a pair of black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms 

-a pair of pumps or trainers 


Please remember to remove all jewellery on PE and swimming days 



In English...

In English this term, the children will read the books ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Bog Baby’. They will study narratives, instructions, non-chronological reports and character descriptions. They will be continuing to develop basic skills such as handwriting, punctuation and checking what we have written makes sense.

The children will be using what they have learnt during their Phonics lesson to support their writing, spelling and  reading. We will be having weekly spelling tests, please help me learn them!


In Phonics...

This term, we will continue our Little Wandle Phonics sessions where we focus on the application of Phonics two times a day and also 1 reading session a day.

The children will learn to read different graphemes and be able to use this knowledge to read and write different words. During the reading session, children will have the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, decode words in order to read sentences. They will be encouraged to use prosody whilst reading and also answer comprehension questions based on what they have read.

Please ensure you log on to Collins Ebooks and read with your child. Books will be allocated every Friday.


In Maths...

 In Maths this term the children will be using lots of practical equipment and pictorial representations. They will be learning about number and measurement.

In number they will be working with numbers to 100, ordering and comparing them and partitioning into tens and ones. They will be learning different maths methods including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. In measurement the children will be focusing on money– counting coins and notes, adding amounts and working out change. By the end of year 2 children need to be fluent in the 2, 5 and 10 times tables so lots of practice at home will help the children become fluent in solving Mathematical problems.


In Science...

In this unit of work the children will understand that all animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults. They will find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air) They will describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different food, and hygiene. In this unit children will identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses. They will learn about absorbency and develop their understanding of waterproofing. They will learn about heating to change the shape of objects and further develop their knowledge of man-made and natural objects.


In Computing... 

The children will be learning about being a responsible online user. They will learn about the dangers of sharing information online and how to stay safe. The children will also learn about how people can look different online to real life. Look out for information on helping your child stay safe online throughout the year.


In Music...

During music the children will use our voices to sing a range of songs and different sounds. Through the unit ‘Exploring Simple Patterns’ children will also be introduced to lots of different genres of music through songs. In Autumn 2 we will learn a range of songs that we will perform for parents at the end of term in our Christmas show.


In RE...

In this unit of work children will learn about the Prophet Muhammad and how his stories guide the Muslim people. They will learn how Muslims put into practise what they have learnt from the stories. In this unit of work children will develop ideas about God from the Bible. They will be able to name the holy book and the signs of respect for the holy writings.  They will recognise that holy scriptures tell stories and have hidden messages. 


In PE...


In this unit children will continue exploring a variety of balances using small and large parts of their bodies. They will perform shapes that they have learnt previously as well as the arch and dish shape with good strength, flexibility and control. Children will be able to perform a variety of jumps (stag and cat jump) with control and whilst traveling in flight.  Children will be able to perform a controlled forward roll with balance and accuracy. They will develop short sequences showing contrasts in speed and directions and be able to talk about elements of performances that have been performed well.  

Introduction to Invasion Games:

In this unit children will confidently send the ball to others in a range of ways. They will explore passing the ball and dribbling with their hands and feet over longer distances. Children will stop, pick up/collect and send a ball accurately to other players. Children will understand the basic tactics for attacking and defending and apply this knowledge into a variety of skill/game based activities.


In Creative...

In Art & Design children will develop their knowledge of shape and the proportions of the face and its features through the use of a grid to create portraits of significant individuals. They will focus on the use of mark making techniques to create tonal variation, building on their knowledge from year 1. In Design & Technology children will be making a vehicle associated with one of the significant individuals they are studying. They will build upon their prior learning of assembling vehicles with moving wheels using construction kits in order to explore and use wheels, axles and axle holders, distinguishing between fixed and freely moving axles. Children will build on their ability to generate ideas based on simple design criteria and their own experiences through more detailed mock-ups and drawings. They will select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks such as cutting and joining to allow movement and finishing. Children will also select from and use a range of materials and components according to their characteristics. They will evaluate their ideas throughout and their products against original criteria.

In Geography children will be building on their knowledge of the continents to identify the journeys made by Amy Johnson and the Wright brothers in their topic about significant individuals. As part of this they will identify the oceans of the world using maps and globes as well as learning and using the four points of a compass to describe location of features and routes on a map.

In History children will learn about significant individuals in relation to flight and how they have contributed to our lives today. They will develop the ability to use a wider range of historical sources such as newspapers to find answers about the past. Children will develop their chronological understanding by placing events, people and artefacts in order on a timeline without a scale given, as well as recall key dates, such as the first flight taken by the Wright brothers.



Your grown ups can help at home by:

-Bringing you to school everyday and on time. 8.45-3.30

-Reading regularly with you

-Practising your spellings with you

-Supporting you with your homework

-Attend meetings, workshops and Learning Together Days

-Ensuring all your belongings are labelled with your name and class.