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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Staff working in Year 2:

2A- Mrs Ennever and Mrs Harwood

2B- Miss Mawdsley and Miss Devi

2C- Mrs Cleal and Mrs Kharod


Important dates this term:

21st October—Learning Together Day

22nd October School Closed INSET

25th October—31st October- Half Term

TBC– Christmas Performance

17th December—Break up at 1.30pm for Christmas Holidays



Trips and Visits: TBC




Our P.E days are:

2A- Wednesday and Thursday

2B- Monday and Wednesday

2C- Wednesday and Thursday (swimming)


You need to have your PE kit in school. You will need: 

- a house t-shirt (speak to your teacher if you need to know what colour you need)

- a pair of black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms 

-a pair of pumps or trainers 


Please remember to remove all jewellery on PE and swimming days 



In English…


We will read the books ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Bog Baby’. We will study narratives, instructions, non-chronological reports and character descriptions.  We will be continuing to develop basic skills such as handwriting, punctuation and checking what we have written makes sense. We will also be continuing to use phonics to develop our spelling and reading. In reading we will be predicting, comparing and developing comprehension skills. We will be having weekly spelling tests, please help me learn them!



In Maths…


In Maths this year we will be using lots of practical equipment and pictorial representations. We will be learning about number and measurement. In number we will be working with numbers to 100, ordering and comparing them and partitioning into tens and ones.  We will be learning different maths methods including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.  In measurement we will be focusing on money– counting coins and notes. Adding amounts and working out change. By the end of year 2 children need to be fluent in the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will be working on this throughout the year. You can help at home by practising these at home.


In Science…


In Autumn 1 children will be learning about Animals including humans. Children learn about how humans and other animals are born, grow and change, and what we need to survive and be healthy. They will learn about the basic needs that are shared by humans and animals, and research the differing needs of animals. Children will also children explore the need for humans to eat a varied diet, to keep themselves clean, and to take regular exercise. In Autumn 2 we will learn about living things and their habitats. In this topic children will begin to classify different living and non living things. They will also learn about different animals and their habitats, and understand how the different needs and suitability of each habitat.



In P.E…


In P.E children will be developing their Gymnastics skills. Children will practise a range of balances and begin to create a sequence of steps. Children will also incorporate a range of apparatus into their routines. Autumn 2 will be invasion games. Children will play a range of games that will develop their control when passing. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school on the correct days and all jewellery is removed. 2C will be swimming every week. Children will learn how to swim and stay safe in and around the swimming pool.




During Autumn 1 Children will learn about Islam. Children will learn who the Prophet of Islam is and why he matters to the Muslims. Year 2 will also be identifying the holy book and how to respect their holy book of Islam and will be learning about special stories told within the holy book, and how these stories can relate to our values within the school.  In Autumn 2 children will learn about different Holy books.



In Music…


During music we will use our voices to sing a range of songs and different sounds. Through the unit ‘Hands, feet and heart’ children will focus on a song that celebrates South African music. Children will also be introduced to lots of different genres of music through songs.  In Autumn 2 we will learn a range of songs that we will perform for parents at the end of term in our Christmas show.



In Computing…


Children will be learning about being a responsible online user. Children will learning about the dangers of sharing information online and how to stay safe. Also about how people can look different online to real life. Look out for information on helping your child stay safe online throughout the year.



In Creative…


Our creative topic this term is all about ‘Significant people’. Children will be learning about both past and present people. They will also compare theses people and discuss how they have impacted our life today. Through our creative work we will be historians, artists, designers and geographers. The skills we will develop as historians are how to describe historical events and significant people from the past. Children will use time lines and artefacts to begin to understand chronological order. Children will also develop their questioning skills and vocabulary. The skills we will develop as artists are our sketching skills. Children will draw lines of different sizes and thickness, show patterns and textures and use different tones. Children will also look at different artists.

The skills we will develop as geographers are naming and locating the worlds continents and oceans and to use compass directions and locational language.

The skills we will develop as designers are designing and evaluating products, children also use different materials to create a moving vehicle.


Your grown ups can help at home by:

-Bringing you to school everyday and on time. 8.45-3.30

-Reading regularly with you

-Practising your spellings with you

-Supporting you with your homework

-Attend meetings, workshops and Learning Together Days

-Ensuring all your belongings are labelled with your name and class.