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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Staff working in Year 2:

2A- Mrs Ennever and Mrs Harwood

2B- Miss Mawdsley and Miss Devi

2C- Mrs Cleal and Mrs Kharod




Our P.E days are:

2A- Thursday (swimming) 

2B- Thursday 

2C- Friday


You need to have your PE kit in school. You will need: 

- a house t-shirt (speak to your teacher if you need to know what colour you need)

- a pair of black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms 

-a pair of pumps or trainers 


Please remember to remove all jewellery on PE and swimming days 



In English...


We will be looking at stories from the seaside such as ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and ’Seasides Then and Now’  through this we will study a narrative, instructions, information leaflet and Acrostic poems. We will be continuing to develop basic skills such as handwriting, punctuation and checking what we have written makes sense.

We will also be continuing to use phonics to develop our spelling and reading– please learn to read and spell the Year 2 Common Exception Words that have been sent home. We will be having weekly spelling tests so please help them to learn them!


In Maths...

In Maths this term we will be learning to tell time to help us solve problems about time including: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We will also be focusing on Weight, Volume and Temperature and position. It is really important that children continue to develop their fluency with number so they are able to problem solving using the four operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It would be really helpful if you could continue to practise number bonds to 100 at home with your child. We will also be sending home a KIRF (Key Instant Recall Fact) that children are expected to learn.


In Science...

Our first topic will be ‘Plants– Ready Steady Grow’. Where children will be able to talk about what plants need to be able to grow and observe changes over time. Children will be able to gather and record data to be able to answer and ask scientific questions.  Our second topic will be ‘Living things and their habitats: Gardens and Allotments’.

Children will learn to identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats they will identify that most living things live in a habitat to which they are suited and be able to describe how different habitats provide for the different needs of the animal.


In Computing... 

In computing children will be learning all about different digital devices and how to use them. They will be learning how to use different computing programmes such as Microsoft word and PowerPoint. They will be exploring how to copy and paste images as well as how to type into a word document and change the font and size. Children will be learning how to save, open and print a document.


In Music...

In Music this term we will be focusing on Reggae.  In this topic children will begin to use their voice expressively and creatively. We will begin to learn to play instruments with control and to a set beat. We will be learning to describe and compare different types of music and talk about (appraise) their own and other’s performances.


In RE...

In RE our topics are Islam and Christianity. Children will look at stories from the religious books and  stories-who made the world?’ and ’Questions about God’ 

Children will learn who the religious leaders are and why they matter to certain religions. They will also identify the holy books of Islam and Christianity will be learning about special stories told within them. 


In PE...

In the summer term we will be focusing on ’Striking and Fielding’ where children will be taught how to pass and receive the ball in different ways with control and accuracy. Children will learn how to send a ball using a bat or a racket as well as participating in team games. Children will also be focusing on Athletics where children will taught how to throw for height and distance, exploring different jumping techniques and running in different ways. 2A will be swimming throughout the Summer term


In Creative...

Our creative topic this term is ‘Seasides’ Children will be learning about how the seasides have changed over the last 100 years. Children will be comparing features that the different seasides have as well as activities that visitors to seasides do now and did in the past. Through our creative work we will be artists, designers, geographers and historians. We will develop our artistic skills through looking at landscape art and how artists add texture to their work. Children will also look at different artists that are famous for this type of art work. The skills we will develop as geographers are naming and locating the worlds continents and oceans and to use compass directions as well as using grid references. Children will be using geographical land historical language to help them answer questions. The skills we will develop as designers are designing and evaluating products. For Design technology this term we will be focusing on textiles. The children will be creating a pouch that will have a specific use. Children will have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate their own pouch.



Your grown ups can help at home by:

-Bringing you to school everyday and on time. 8.45-3.30

-Reading regularly with you

-Practising your spellings with you

-Supporting you with your homework

-Attend meetings, workshops and Learning Together Days

-Ensuring all your belongings are labelled with your name and class.