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Did you know we run a vast number of different clubs both during lunchtime and after school for children to attend? They have proved really successful this year with plenty of choice for all children.

Y3 Puppet Club Miss Richmond

Each Class has been allocated a term each and there are six sessions that run every two weeks. Children get to make a variety of puppets: paper plate puppets/folding puppets/finger puppet/stick puppets/push up puppets/simple marionette puppet.

Children experience a fun challenge, learn perseverance and have good time to talking with friends.


Coding Club - Miss Mawdsley

Thursdays 3:45- 4:30

Year 2 - Spring 1- 5 weeks

Year 4 - Spring 2- 4 weeks

Year 3 - Summer 1 - 5 weeks


Children have been working on coding an electric vehicle using Lego spike. The children start off by following instructions to build the vehicle in groups. In the following weeks, they moved on to programming the vehicle to move, first in a straight line, then to turning corners and finally to racing each other! After that, the children edited and improved their codes to make the vehicle pick up and move items. Pupils enjoy working with their friends and have said that is amazing to watch the vehicles come to life.


Keyboard Club - Miss Marway

Keyboard club ran for four weeks in January with 6 Year 1 and 2 children. Pupils learn facts about the keyboard and famous pianist and keyboard players. Then children had a go at playing the keyboard and learned the different notes. They learnt how to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and even performed it to the Years 1s and 2s in an assembly. The children loved the club especially as they had never played a keyboard before.


Running Club - Ms Chapman

Running club takes place every Friday from 3.30 - 4.30pm with Years 5 and 6


During the session, we begin by stretching our muscles, particularly in our legs. We complete deep breathing exercises to open up our lungs to enable us to breathe effectively during our run. Then we complete a brisk 5 min walk to warm up. This is followed by 30 minutes of running/walking and we end with a 5 min cool down walk. Before we finish, we complete stretching exercises so that our muscles do not ache too much the following day!


Book Club - Miss Cridge

Thursdays 3.30-4.30, Spring term

We had two groups of children, 24 in total. One group read the Demon Dentist, as well as reading together, children enjoyed listening to a few audio chapters. At the end of the term, the children got to purchase a book of their choice, this really made them feel empowered. The books were presented to them in assembly, along with a certificate and an 'I love to read' wrist band.

Alongside this book club, we ran a KS1 book club and in the Summer term there is an Upper Key Stage 2 book club.


Asian History and Art Club - Mrs Squire

Each class in the school had a country from South Asia to explore. Many of them created fact files, books, posters, leaflets etc on their given country. Some pupils shared testimonials about what it was like to visit a particular location and many made their own art and D and T work linked to their country.

EYFS listened to songs, explored the different animals and learned Geographical facts about the Maldives.


Each class also came to an after school/Lunch club to make or create items linked to that country.

Year 1 learned about Bhutan and Nepal and they made buddhas out of the playdough made by lovely staff at school (Mrs Chapman/Mrs Powell). Miss Cridge also came to help out too!


Pupils in Year 2 researched facts about Sri Lanka and during after school club, they made Diwali lamps out of clay. It was tricky for the children to develop this new skill but they persevered. Miss Cridge and Mrs Powell came to support the group too!


In Year 3, pupils learned new knowledge about Bangladesh. At home they made Bangladeshi landmarks, fact files and posters. After learning facts about Bangladesh, during lunch club, they made their own 3D flowers.


At home, Year 4 pupils made their own 3D Taj Mahal models, created Indian flags after exploring facts about India and they painted and collaged their own Taj Mahala buildings.


Year 5 researched information about Pakistan and used cardboard to design and make the inside of a mosque. Some pupils who had visited Pakistan shared testimonials about their experiences including visiting theme parks and zoos.


Year 6 developed their knowledge on Afghanistan, they made and created their own Blue Mosques.


Asian History Exhibition 

Pupils at Cape created so much wonderful art work, interesting historical facts and Design and Technology projects that we showcased their work for the whole school to see. Each class came for a visit and during Learning Together Day, children brought their parents to enjoy the exhibition. They also had a chance to taste samosa's, pakoras made by Mrs Kaur and Jalebi from Mrs Bibi. Mrs Squire, Mr Houlston, Mrs Kaur, Miss Donnelly, Misss Virk, Mrs Silk along with many of the children helped to set the room up


World Book Day Mrs Cridge, Miss Collins and Miss Donnelly

We invited parents into the Cape Cafe to enjoy some reading activities with their children. Together with their parents, they made bookmarks, audio books, enjoyed the new books from the world of stories. We even had a mystery storyteller who read them a book during each session. We decorated the school, everyone enjoyed biscuits and refreshments. Parents also received an information guide about reading at home with their children. We ran 4 sessions with over 400 people attending! All year groups were involved.


Maths Workshops Mrs Virk

Year 1 and 2 parents were invited to attend a Maths workshop about fluency. They discussed the KS1/KS2 fluency grid that showed them which facts pupils need to learn in Year 2 which builds on facts from Year 1.

The children joined their parents half-way through to access TTRockstars and parents understand the importance of fluency with multiplication facts. They learnt a trick to help children to master the bulk of times tables in Year 1/2/3 which would only leave them with 7 facts to learn in Year 4 when they will do the Multiplication test.

The Year 4 parents received additional information about the Multiplication Test. They had a go at an example test to experience what the children have to do. They all agreed that they need to be fluent and focussed. The children joined the session and they had a go at TTRockstars with their parents.


Times Table Rockstars Club KS1 – Mrs Squire and Mrs Cridge

30 Year 1 and 2 children enjoyed singing and dancing to their 2s, 5s and 10 multiplication tables. Many learned how to log in for the first time and by the end of the 4 week club had learned more times tables and got quicker at finding the answers. Some children were even able to work out the corresponding division.


Times Table Rockstars Lunch club – Mrs Squire

30 Year 3 and 4 children came to TTRS club each week, they have increased their multiplication recall speed and are more confident with division!


Times Table Rockstars Club Year 5 and Year 6

27 Pupils attended club each week. They enjoyed the school tournament and playing against the teacher too!