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Year 6

02.10.20 Today's learning

02.10.20 6A and 6B Creative

02.10.20 6C-Complete tasks on Purple Mash and Education City

(these are listed in the today's learning document)

Today's learning 01.10.20

01.10.20 6A Creative-Plastic pollution

01.10.20 6B RE task 2 and Music appreciation

01.10.20 6C Creative-Climate change

Today's learning 30.09.20

6A 6B and 6C 30.09.20 RE Build your own place of worship

6C Music 30.09.20

Today's learning 29.09.20

6C RE 29.09.20

29th September 2020 - PE


Hello Year 6.  As well as keeping on top of your English and Maths, we need to make sure you are all keeping yourselves fit and healthy.  Please have a go at working your way through this presentation.  Some of it refers to 'group work' which you obviously won't be able to do but a lot of this you should be able to do by yourself and you can incorporate some of your previous learning into it as well.  Remember, give yourself plenty of space, don't push yourself beyond your limits and make sure you warm-up and cool down.

Transition to secondary school open day information

Today's learning 28.09.20

6A and 6B RE 28.09.20

6C Creative Lesson 4 28.09.20

Today's learning 25.09.20

Reading 25/09/20

25.09.20 6B RE

Today's learning 24.09.20

Reading 24.09.20

Today's learning 23.09.20

Reading and English tasks 23.09.20

Maths 23.09.20

Maths 23.09.20 Mrs Khan's group

RE lesson 1 6B 23.09.20

Creative 6C 23.09.20

PE - 22nd September 2020

Hello Year 6.  While we are all working from home, here is a PE lesson that you can do that is related to the current gymnastics unit.  Remember to warm up before starting and that you also cool down when you have finished.  Give yourself plenty of space to complete each move and have fun!

Maths 22.09.20 Multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits


Working from home today - we have set 4 activities on Education City for you to do in 'Classwork', you have Reading Plus to complete and your 'homework' from over the weekend. Your class teachers are in the middle of setting you projects to do and will upload them onto this page as soon as they are ready. We will be doing live lessons from tomorrow for you all to join in with and look forward to seeing you. If you can not access the internet please telephone school and we will give you a pack to complete at home. 

6A Science Activities 22/09/20

6C RE activity 22/09/20

Screenshot instructions for completing secondary school applications

Week beginning 18/07/20

This week the children going to Shireland Collegiate are doing some lessons online with their new teachers. We are completing Reading Plus, Education City and Purple Mash work set by our teachers. We will be completing the SPaG and the maths lessons below. We will be doing Joe Wicks or playing ball games - maintaining social distance at break times. We also have some science questions to research this week. 

Week beginning 06/07/20 

Today we will start with Maths (lesson below), then do Joe Wicks exercises at 10am. Following this we are going do do our Reading Plus programme. We are then going to look at Religions within our area and complete the pack below. After lunch we may do a little more of this, a SPaG lesson, read more of our book - Outlaw and do a PHSE session (below). Happy Monday.

PHSE lessons for this week - discussion topics


Today we completed our maths lesson, (below) We completed our Geography booklets from earlier in the week. Reading plus was done, along with some Purple Mash activities. We also did our SPaG lesson (below). We played games during our break times and enjoyed our day. 


Today we have done maths starters followed by the lesson below. Read our books on Reading Plus or gone onto our homework on Education City or Purple Mash if we have completed our 5 books. We couldn't go out at break today because of the rain :( We have continued with our Geography skills book and then watched a cartoon while eating lunch. We have done the PHSE lesson and SPaG lessons below and read more of our 'Outlaw' story.

Transition project for those pupils attending Lordswood Girls High School in September 2020

Home learning pack 29.06.20

30/06/2020 - Today we did our daily maths lesson - see below. Continued with our Geography skills project, played ball games outside, read 'Outlaw' and completed the SPaG activity below. 

Transfer to secondary school 2020

With the start of secondary school for year 6 children fast approaching, can we please ask that you check your new secondary school website regularly. There is lots of information for parents and year 6 children about transition to year 7 in September, as well as preparation tasks to complete over the summer holidays. 

29/06/12 - Today we have done a mental Maths starter, the maths lesson from the link below. We have completed Geography research to develop our skills. We have done the SPaG worksheet below and our Reading Plus. We have read more of Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo and some PHSE work (see below). We completed two Joe Wicks sessions this morning to wake us up and played games as a group at break and lunchtime - making sure that we are socially distancing. We are doing four days this week and have enjoyed our extra day.


Today we have done the Maths lesson below, Reading Plus, the SPaG lesson below, completed our Castles booklets and discussed Black Lives Matter from the Picture News sheet below. We have played games outside and had an ice lolly in the sun. Enjoy the heat everyone. We also read chapter 5 of Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo.


Today we have done our maths lesson, Reading Plus, more to our castles project and the SPaG questions below. We are also reading Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo and doing Joe Wicks during our morning break. 

23/06/20 Today we did Reading Plus, did SPaG, completed Maths lessons and did the work below.

Castles project

Home learning pack Week 9

Summer school for year 6 children at the Albright Centre

Please come in to school to collect transition work to be completed at home and return to your secondary school on your first day.
18/06/20 Today we completed the science experiment from the secondary transition pack; completed 30 minutes Reading Plus; did Maths lesson 3 and completed the Being Kind Power Point. (see below) We will be taking home books today from our time in Year 6 at Cape, please collect yours with your Transition work.
17/06/20 This morning we finished our writing from the transition pack; completed 30 minutes Reading Plus and completed the maths task from the transition pack. This afternoon we completed the lesson following the link below; looked at and discussed a presentation about sleep and keeping a healthy mind. (see documents below) We did Joe Wicks exercises and played games during our break times. 

16/06/2020 - Today we read the start of a story called 'The peculiar Peggs of Riddling Wood'.

Completed the 'All about me' activity sheet and started to write a description about travelling back in time and what it was like. (These activities are all in the Secondary Transition Packs)  

We also did Joe Wicks exercises at break time and went onto Reading Plus for 30 minutes.

15.06.20 Week 8 home learning pack

Year 6 to year 7 transition information from Bristnall Hall High School

Home learning pack week beginning 8.6.20

Transition Information From Secondary Schools

This week, we want you to take part in, The Joy of Moving Home School Festival, in partnership with The Albion Foundation and the EFL Trust. Attached is a booklet of your very own home sports day, in which over 300,000 children will be taking part in. Will you be part of the big sports week?

Here is a really useful parent guide to helping your KS2 child with Maths...

Online lessons 22/04/20

There are daily lessons on this website. 

Please try o complete the maths and English lessons each week. The art lessons look interesting if you fancy something different. 

Computing update: 22/04/2020


Embed understanding of programming, while using Variables and different Input/Output…

• A variable in programming is a container which holds a value. The name of the container is the variable. A great writing activity to do with this is ‘The Variable Adventure’. In it you write 6 different verbs, nouns, adjectives etc and then roll a dice to identify which one will be chosen. Write a simple story for example: My name is NOUN and I like to VERB NOUN at the weekends. My favourite animal is a ADVECTIVE NOUN. See how many different crazy stories you can create.

• Another game that incorporates music is Slap, Clap, Snap. It’s a simple race that gives you a chance to practice the concept of using variables to vary the actions of code. There are three variables: Slap (player slaps their thighs or table), Clap (player claps their hands) and Snap (player snaps their fingers). You assign values to each of these movement variables, and then the players work together to try to show those values to the rest of the group. Each of these movements takes a number that tells the player how many times to slap, clap, or snap. You can find more information here. 

• An activity mentioned earlier is a great example of how Inputs and Outputs work. Someone becomes the Input – giving instructions verbally. Everyone else becomes the Output. The output needs a pencil and a piece of paper. The input thinks of instructions to draw a ‘crazy character’ for example: draw two ears, three eyes etc. The outputs will be the completed drawing. Now try to compare and see if you can improve the instructions. Some more information here


Don’t forget!

There are a huge selection of activities that can be completed on line to help practice these concepts if you want to get digital and creative. The sites are listed below. These are completely free and do not require registration (unless you wish to save). With Scratch Jr an app download is necessary. Don’t forget you also have your account with purple mash and education city where you can also find different activities and quizzes!

Scratch Jr – Ideas and tutorials available here -

Scratch Online - Ideas and tutorials available here - – There is a selection of free ‘unplugged’ activities as well as levels that can be worked through steadily. The site is American -

21.4.20 – Languages Update…


Language Angels have given us a special Cape login so you can access all of the fun games at home! Simply follow the link below, and log in to ‘Pupil Games’.


Username: cape

Password: cape1234


You can then access all of the amazing Language Angels games. Maybe you could remind yourself of some words you already know or learn something new!


Buona Fortuna


Mrs Robbins J

Fancy designing a new sports kit for our school?

Home Learning During School Closures - we hope you find this information helpful during school closures and/or self isolation. You can print out the materials or use your exercise books to write your answers in.

Remember to keep doing some physical activity at home


Welcome to Year 6!

The class teachers in this year group are: Mrs Silk, Mrs Scott, Mrs Loveridge and Ms Chapman. Other Adults could be Mrs McLaren, Miss Kauser, Mrs Khan, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Chevers, Mrs Begum. 


This is an important year for children in Year 6, as they gear up for SAT's tests and prepare for life after Primary School. SAT tests will be taking place from the week beginning Monday 11th May. It is VITAL that your child attends school this week and sits every test. If they are ill please bring them in at least until the test is completed. (These have been cancelled this year due to the COVID19 -coronavirus outbreak in the UK)

HOMEWORK! Your child will get Maths and English homework every Friday, to be completed by the following Tuesday.  They will also have spellings to learn. Each child has their own password for Reading Eggs, Education City and Purple Mash where they may have homework set. Your children may also access these sites to practice their Reading skills and enjoy educational games. We have purchased Reading Plus this year and all children are expected to read 5 books and complete a vocabulary task each week - this is closely monitored by teachers.)


Reading at Cape is very important and we send children home with a reading book, which should be read at home and discussed with parents. They can then be changed when completed in school. Children also have access to books weekly from the school library, which can be taken home and read. Children have a reading session with the class teacher and one with the class  LSP every week. Two or three reading plus sessions are timetabled each week so that children have the opportunity to complete part of this scheme in school time - the rest will need to be completed at home. 

P.E. Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school EVERYDAY. We have 2 PE sessions a week and there may be other occasions where P.E. kit is needed. 
Lunchtime Sports clubs - change every half term 

Our creative themes are:
Autumn and Spring:   Why did Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invade Britain?
Summer: What impact do Humans have on our world?


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