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Year 6

Summer Curriculum Leaflet

As school is closed today, we would like you to work from home.  One of your tasks is to write a balanced argument titled 'Should Schools Close When It Snows?'.  THINK about all the learning and planning we have done in English for this unit and start by listing all the for and against arguments you can think of to support both sides of this argument.  Then choose two of each and structure it into a balanced argument.  It should be structured as follows:


Paragraph 1 - introduce the argument.

Paragraph 2 - 1st for argument (why schools should stay shut)

Paragraph 3 - 1st against argument (why should NOT shut)

Paragraph 4 - 2nd for argument (why schools should stay shut)

Paragraph 5 - 2nd against argument (why should NOT shut)

Paragraph 6 - conclusion (YOUR opinion on whether schools should close in snowy weather).


Bring it into school next week as we will go through them.  Good luck!


Please use Reading Plus and message your teachers through this if you have any questions. 

SATs 2023 Information for parents

A very warm welcome to Year 6 from the staff

Mr Allison (6A)

Mrs Silk (6B)

Mrs Scott (6C)


Please take a look at our curriculum leaflet below to see what your child will be covering this term. If you have any questions, please feel free to come and speak to us.


Please ensure that your children wear the appropriate school P.E. kit to school on the following days: 

6A - Monday and Wednesday

6B - Monday and Tuesday

6C - Wednesday and Thursday

Spring Term Curriculum Leaflet

Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Useful Websites for Home Learning

We have now removed the completed home learning lessons from the website. Here is a great list of websites you can use at home.


Logins (your child has their own login for these websites)

Purple Mash - Cape

Education City

Reading Eggs (EYFS – Year 3)

Reading Plus (Years 3-6, site code is rpcapep1)


All Subjects:



BBC Bitesize



Authors reading books

Book Trust

Oxford Owl



Maths Frame

DK Find Out - Maths

Maths Zone

Hit the Button



DK Find Out - Science

Wow Science