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Reading at Home

What's new?

All classes now have their own author libraries for the children to read around a chosen author.


Our authors are:

Year group

Chosen author


Julia Donaldson


Oliver Jeffers

Year 1

Vivian French

Year 2

Jeanne Willis

Year 3

Jeremy Strong

Year 4

Michael Morpurgo

Year 5

Louis Sachar

Year 6

Philip Pullman


Talk to your child about their author library. What books do they know by their author? Could the library give them a chance to read more books by this author?

Welcome to our Reading at home page.


This page will support you with reading at home with your child.


Look out for:

  • Advice and support
  • Keeping you up to date with book/reading events
  • Book recommendations 
  • All about Reading at Cape
  • Anything to do with reading at home!

Reading at home with your child

See the Home reading video in our cape video resource centre.