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COVID Reading Leaderboard

Check out our Covid closure reading leaderboard. It is updated weekly - find out if your class is in the top 5 for reading online!

  Reading Plus leaderboard 22/2/21

Leaderboard (based on students active this week!)

1. 5C      19


2. 4B        8.2


3. 5A         5.2


4. 3B        5.0


 5. 6A        4.3

 Reading Eggs Leaderboard 22.2.21 Total time on Reading Eggs based on last 7 days.

1. RA   15hrs 47mins


2. 2C   14hrs  32mins


3. 1C    9hrs   36mins


4. RC   9hrs     22mins


5. 2A    6hrs       3mins



The leaderboard will change weekly - do your bit to get your class in the top 5.


You can make it happen!