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Year 4

Year 4 - Home learning

Please see below for each day's work. You will also find videos with your teacher explaining in the video resource centre (children, video resource centre, year 4)

Your live teaching lesson is 11-12 each day - you must attend this session. Do not wait until then to start your work - start at 9 - work until 11, join us, have lunch, continue with your work.


Friday 26th February

Screen Free Friday afternoon

Thursday 25th February

RE - Holy Week

English: Exploring fantasy settings

Maths - Fractions

Reading 25.2.21 Summarising

P.E: Rounders

Wednesday 24th Febraury

Reading Inference Answers

English: Settings in imaginary worlds

Reading - Inference

Tuesday 23rd February

Maths Answers

Maths - Fractions

Reading 23.02.21

English - Imaginary settings

Science: Habitats and living creatures

Monday 22nd February PSHE day

Covid Catch Up Maths 22.2.21

PSHE - Differences

Money and Me


Female Scientists Homework Project

PE -whole school -Active Competition -For week of 8th Feb

Multiplication challenges (Complete as an extension)

Friday 12th February

Maths answers

English 12.2.21 Editing and improving

Maths- Problem solving with area

Reading - Reading Plus
Thursday 11th February

Maths answers

Maths- creating shapes of any given area

English 11.2.21 Write an explanation text

Safer Internet - Jargon

Wednesday 10th February

Reading Answers

Maths answers

Reading comprehension

Maths - Finding the area of rectilinear shapes

English - Planning your explanation text.

Creative - What is the future for Antarctica?

Safer Internet week

Tuesday 9th February

Maths answers

English 9.2.21 Exploring our Targets

Reading - Synonyms

Maths: calculating area of rectilinear shapes

Safer Internet Day

Science - explanation texts on circuits

Monday 8th February

Covid Maths Answers

Maths answers

SPaG Answers

Covid maths

English 8.2.21 Research for explanation text

Internet safety week - Motives

Maths - Formal written multiplication

P.E. Dodgeball

Friday 5th February

Maths answers 5.2.21

English - 5.2.21

Maths 5.1.21 Part whole models to divide

Design a new school library

Screen free Friday afternoon

Thursday 4th February

Maths 4.2.21 answers

English - Explanation texts

Reading- Comprehension (retrieving information)

Wednesday 3rd February

Maths 3.2.21 answers

English Explanation texts

Maths 3.2.21 Consolidating Multiplication

Reading - Character feelings

Creative - Changing Antarctica

Tuesday 2nd February

Maths 2.1.21 Answers

Reading - Vocabulary and synonyms

PSHE Children's Mental Health Week

Science - Electricity and switches

Monday 1st February

Maths 1/2/21 Answers

Maths 1.2.21 Area, Making Shapes

English - 1.2.21

Friday 29th January

Reading answers 29.1.21

Maths - 29.1.21

English- Exploring sentences to use in an explanation text.

Reading - comprehension questions

Creative - postcard from Antarctica

Thursday 28th January

28.1.21 Maths answers

English - To write an introduction about the sorting hat

Reading 28.1.21 Empathy

Wednesday 27th January

English- writing an explanation text

SPaG Use of commas with fronted adverbials

Creative - The Endurance Expedition - What happened?

Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday's Maths answers

Covid catch up maths

English - identifying features of an explanation text

Reading Plus and SPaG

Science- Conductors and insulators

Monday 25th January

English - predicting, analysing and summarising a piece of text

Reading 25.1.21 Vocabulary work

P.E. Instructions on playing cricket

Friday 22nd January

Maths answers

Maths - Dividing a 2-digit number by 1 digit

Reading Plus - 22.1.21

English - write a character profile

Creative - a proposal for an expedition to Antarctica

Thursday 21st January

Maths answers

Reading Answers

Maths - Dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit using partitioning and mental methods

English - draft an intro and appearance paragraph

RE - What type of world did Jesus want?

P.E. Dance choreography

Wednesday 20th January 

Maths answers

Reading - 20.1.21

Maths - Solving division problems with remainders

English - Planning a character profile

Creative - Factfile on Antarctica

Tuesday 19th January

Maths - Dividing two digit numbers by 1 digit

English - Research for character profile

Reading - 19.1.21

Science - How to construct a working simple circuit

Monday 18th January

Maths - Mixed correspondence problems

Covid catch up Maths

English - Research for character profile - appearance and background

MFL - 18.1.21

Friday 15th January

Maths 15.1.21 Answers

Creative 15.1.21 answers

Maths - multiply more than two numbers

English - Character personality

Reading - Making accurate and sensible predictions

Creative - race to the Pole and Shackleton

Thursday 14th January

Maths answers 14.1.21

Maths - Multiplying more than 1 number

English - Character profile background writing

Reading: Reading plus

Science: How to be safe around electricity.

Wednesday 13th January

Maths answers 13.1.21

Creative answers 13.1.21

English - 13.1.21

Maths - solving problems involving multiplication

Reading: Reading plus

Creative - find out about Antarctica

Tuesday 12th January 

Maths answers for marking

Maths - Multiply a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number

English - 12.1.21

Reading: What is fantasy? (comprehension questions)

Monday 11th January
Monday - Maths, Covid Maths and Reading answers.
English - Identifying features of character profiles
Maths - multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number
Covid Catch Up Maths - Finding equivalent fractions
Reading: What is fantasy?
MFL - test your knowledge of names for the family by playing Elephant Wire
Friday 8.01.2021 Class work

Answers to Friday's Maths and SPaG

Maths - Applying written methods to multiplication problems.
English: To write a short character description.

SPaG Conjunctions

R.E  and P.E. 
Thursday 7.1.21 Work to do

Thursday maths and reading answers

English 7.1.21 Use description in text to create an annotated drawing of a character

Whole class reading 7.1.21

Maths 7.1.21 Solve multi-step multiplication and division problems using bar models

MFL The Family topic games to play on Language Angels

Work to be completed on 6.01.2021

Please complete work below. Any questions, chat on teams open 9am-3pm. Join your teacher live 11-12

Friday 11.12.2020

Thursday 10.12.20

Wednesday 9.12.2020

Tuesday 8.12.2020

Monday's work for 4A and 4C

Friday's work 4A

4A- 3/12/2020

Today please look at purple mash and reading plus. There are maths and writing activities made available on purple mash. Please also log on to reading plus.

Monday's presentation - 30.11.2020


Please complete work set on Education City, Purple Mash and Reading Plus. You all have your log ins.


Remember to log into teams for our online teaching on Monday at 9:00 (feel free to join a few minutes early and make sure you have a pen and paper to hand). Work will be uploaded onto the school website in advance of our online teaching, where you will find the PowerPoint presentation along with any worksheets to complete. Stay safe and I will see you on Monday 30th December). 

Home Learning 30th November - 4th December

Here is the Home Learning Timetable for this week.

If you are shielding or self-isolating, there are a range of activities for you to complete each day. 


4C - this is not for you to complete. Mr Hickman will meet you each day on Microsoft Teams to go through your learning and activities for the day.

Home Learning 23rd - 27th November

Here is the Home Learning Timetable for this week.

If you are shielding or self-isolating, there are a range of activities for you to complete each day. 

Useful Websites for Home Learning

We have now removed the completed home learning lessons from the website. Here is a great list of websites you can use at home.


Logins (your child has their own login for these websites)

Purple Mash - Cape

Education City

Reading Eggs (EYFS – Year 3)

Reading Plus (Years 3-6, site code is rpcapep1)


All Subjects:



BBC Bitesize



Phonics Games 1

Phonics Games 2

Phonics Games 3



Authors reading books

Book Trust

Oxford Owl



Maths Frame

DK Find Out - Maths

Maths Zone

Hit the Button



DK Find Out - Science

Wow Science

Homework will be set online as homework books cannot travel between home and school (same for home readers)

Reading - children to access and use Reading Plus. Site code rpcapep1 and your child has their own login.

Spellings - children to learn weekly spellings for testing but do not hand sheets back into school. See this week's spellings below.

Maths - Education City, Gnarly Numbers. Look at 4 digit numbers and identify the value of tens and ones.

Purple Mash, Place value in 4d numbers.

English - Purple Mash, Write a Haiku - could you have a go at writing a haiku?

If you have no internet access, please get your child to ask if there is time to complete HW in registration times at school. 

This week's spellings to learn for test 25.9.20

   Welcome to Year 4 Autumn 2020

Welcome back. 

We are so glad to have you back and we are looking forward to a great year together.

Our team:

Miss Donnelly, Mrs Squire, Miss Muneer, Mr Hickman, Mrs Kauser, Mrs Wilcox, Mrs Natt

Read our curriculum leaflet, so you know what we will cover this year.