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Edgmond Hall - Day 2!

During their adventurous trip to Edgmond Hall, the Year 5 children had an exciting day filled with outdoor activities. The day started with an archery session where they learned the basics of handling a bow and arrow. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, the children honed their aim and concentration skills, hitting the targets with precision.

After the archery session, the children had the opportunity to visit the animal enclosures and feed the friendly creatures. They learned about the different animals' habitats, diets, and behaviors, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy towards the natural world.

In the afternoon, the children engaged in a team-building activity by constructing their own shelters using natural materials found in the surrounding area. Working together, they demonstrated their problem-solving skills and creativity, building sturdy and cozy structures to protect them from the elements.

To prepare for the evening's campfire, the children gathered wood from the forest, learning about fire safety and responsible wood collection along the way. As the sun began to set, they eagerly gathered around the campfire, sharing stories, singing songs, and enjoying toasted marshmallows.

Throughout the day, the children not only enjoyed thrilling outdoor activities but also developed important life skills. They learned about focus and concentration through archery, nurtured empathy and responsibility by feeding the animals, and practiced teamwork and problem-solving during the shelter-building activity.

The experience at Edgmond Hall provided the Year 5 children with memorable moments, fostering a love for the outdoors, and promoting personal growth and resilience.