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Week 1:


The first week of FAST was a great success! We had 17 families join us in total, and both the parents and children had a lovely time!

Each family made a family flag- there are some very creative moms in Nursery!

We then did lots of activities as a family- scribbles, feelings charades and special play. The children really enjoyed this and followed instructions fabulously!

After all the activities we had a snack- we had delicious fruit, pastries and toast! Yum! The children were the waiters and waitresses and got their moms a plate of food very sensibly!

There were some very happy faces when we announced the winners of the raffle this week- we are looking forward to tasting your delicious food next week!


A big thank you to all the parents who came to FAST this week- we hope to see many more of you next week!