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Re-opening of schools

You will have heard on Sunday about the Government plans to re-open schools for some year groups from 1st June. The year groups mentioned are Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 as well as the current identified groups and children of key workers. Children from other year groups, including siblings of those in the designated year groups, will not be starting back to school yet. We have been working incredibly hard this week to try and plan for a phased re-opening should the Government give us the go ahead to do this on the 1st of June. We are currently contacting parents of children in those year groups to identify how many will be sending children back to school as and when we re-open.


In order to maintain the current social distancing guidance and all of the guidance for schools we are going to have to significantly reduce the number of children in each room for learning. This will of course impact on how many children of the designated year groups will be in the building at any one time. It is likely that each room will accommodate up to 8 pupils. Therefore on that basis we will not be able to have all four year groups in school all of the time.


In the first instance we will introduce one year group at a time to ensure all of our systems are in place for the safety of all children and staff. There will be different entrance and exit points for the different year groups coming into school each day and we may need to stagger the times children are brought to school and collected each day. This is to help parents to also maintain social distancing rules themselves.


This is not going to be easy, I hope to have some clearer guidance for parents early next week. As a community we must and will look after each other. I am sure plans will change as we all get used to a very new and different world. In the meantime stay safe and look after yourselves. For further Government guidance please click the link below: