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Uniform Reminder

Is your child wearing the correct school uniform?


Dear Parents,

We are writing to remind everyone about our school uniform and the importance of wearing uniform in school. A school uniform provides children with a sense of belonging. We are proud of our uniform at Cape and we would like to remind parents that we expect the correct uniform to be worn every day in school. The P.E kit is the uniform for P.E lessons and must only be worn on PE days along with the school jumper.


We have noticed that some children are starting to ‘bend the rules’ a little when it comes to wearing the correct clothes. When a child moves to secondary school then the uniform children have to have is much more formal. We must establish good routines now, in primary school, so that children understand expectations as they move through life.


It is so much easier to wear school uniform that to bow to pressures of the latest trainers or designer labels. Insisting uniform is worn helps children to instill a sense of pride, no matter how young they are.


Our school uniform consists of:

  • A purple jumper or cardigan, jumpers with logos are available from the school web shop but are not mandatory.
  • Grey or black trousers or shorts, skirt or dress.
  • A lilac summer dress can be worn.
  • White shirt or T-shirt.
  • School tie – optional.
  • P.E kit - House colour T-shirt, EYFS a white T-shirt, leggings/jogging bottoms or shorts.
  • Some children may choose to wear a head scarf for religious reasons this should be black or purple in colour.
  • Earrings should only be studs and removed for P.E/Swimming.
  • Black shoes or trainers – please avoid branded trainers.

You can purchase our uniform:

By accessing the web shop from the home page of our website. Once the order is placed then the school office will give the item to your child to bring home. scroll to the bottom and you should find this icon                           Please click onto it and place your order.

Most high street supermarkets will stock the purple school jumper, school trousers/shorts/dresses/skirts.

We know some families may struggle with the cost of uniform which is why we have introduced a second-hand uniform shop in school. Please speak to the school office about purchasing second hand uniform.