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Y4 Visit to Bishop's Wood

Our year 4 children have been to visit Bishop’s Wood this week for a Stone Age experience as part of their creative work. One of the children has written a lovely recount of the day:

Our trip to Bishop’s Wood was amazing. We had a great time being a Stone Age person for the day. It was in a deep forest. There were big and small creatures (animals) all around us. It was like we were actually in Stone Age times – but mostly in the Neolithic period because it was a forming time and there was lots of grass there. First up, we learnt how in the Mesolithic period people were always travelling so we built frames to carry our equipment. We did this because at this time people kept moving areas so when people had nothing to hunt they moved to eat animals. After we built our A frames we took them apart and started building our shelters but with bendy willow tree parts. Then we had our lunch after that long journey! Then Greg (the man looking after us) told us about 5 activities which we did in groups. There was hunting and gathering, Stone age grain and flour, building houses and finally making a fire! These activities were fun and taught us more about the Stone Age. After that, finally our day as a Stone Age person ended. We had fun! Why don’t you visit Bishop’s Wood!